The Nethrone: Another Ergonomic Chair of the Future

Last week I wrote about the Smart Chair, a chair for which I could find no picture, but that was described as something a lot like the Nethrone, another “chair of the future” recently unveiled by EMA Innovation LLC. Just like the Smart Chair, the Nethrone is a computer and chair rolled into one. The entire contraption is fully adjustable with the push of a button. The Nethrone website has a nice little demo so you can see it in action.

Unlike the Smart Chair, the Nethrone plans to market mainly to gamers. That is probably a good idea, because I’m not sure if I can see the Nethrone in offices anytime soon either. But with a $3400 price tag, the Nethrone will not be accessible to most gamers.

What do developments like the Smart Chair and the Nethrone tell us? The evolution of computer use seems to be attached to the concept of sitting. Are humans doomed to ever more sedentary lifestyles? No matter how customizable a chair is, sitting is STILL not a healthy human position. We are meant to stand and walk and move around more than we are to sit and flick our fingers around. All is not lost, however. With the development of mobile technologies and more active gaming devices like the Nintendo Wii, maybe we will see a more balanced use of technology that balances physical activity with sitting.