The Swopper: German Engineered Office Seating

A commenter recently told me about the Swopper, an award winning office chair designed to emulate the feeling and benefits of sitting on a fitness ball.


Designed by German engineers, the Swopper is a form of “active sitting” that encourages proper posture and activates the back, abs and other muscles. A German study showed that using Swopper was extremely effective in eliminating back pain.


The Swopper has won numerous German design awards as well as an ADEX Platinum award, the NeoCon Most Innovative Product Gold Award, and the NeoCon Workstation Task Seating Gold Award. It is also endorsed by the Texas Back Institute (the largest and most prestigious spinal care institute in the US).

With a price range of $499 to $699, the Swopper is not cheap (compare to $30 for a fitness ball). On the other hand, it is designed as an office chair and people don’t have to worry about falling off or breaking it. I see the Swopper being a great compromise between the pro-ball and anti-ball camps, and some companies might have an easier time getting Swoppers cleared by HR.


Has anyone tried the Swopper? I would love to hear how people like it.

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