Time Magazine Inventions of the Year: Shovel Snow without Breaking your Back

With the snow season upon us, it is start to thinking about snow removal. That’s right, the back-breaking, seemingly endless chore you try to push off onto your spouse every year. For people living in areas with heavy snowfall, shoveling snow can be a dreadful activity that really does a number on the lower back.

Fortunately, there’s the Wovel . This ingenious, ergononically sound snow shovel has won several awards, and was named one of Time Magazine’s inventions of the year for 2006.

wovel snowplow snow shovel

As the picture shows, shovelling snow is fun and easy with the Wovel. All you have to do is push it along with the wheel, then flick the snow up into the air with a gentle push down. This essentially eliminates the pressure and strain placed on your back by regular old snow shovels. I no longer live in a snowy climate, but I can assure you if I did, I would be purchasing the Wovel. With an estimated 72,000 emergency-room visits each year attributed to snow-removal injuries, I imagine the Wovel just might save some backs this year. Unfortunately, with a $120 price tag, only the seriously shovel-averse are likely to go for the Wovel. On the other hand…it would make a great Christmas present!