Usability Matters: Web Sites That Suck

With his 1996 launch of, Vincent Flanders has been a pioneer in the field of website usability. became an extremely popular destination on the web, winning a number of awards including one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Web Sites.

Because of the publicity his site received and his use of humor as a teaching tool, in early 1997 Vincent was offered a book contract to bring his unique style to the computer book industry. The book entitled “Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design” soon became the Strunk and White of Web design books.

Vincent Flanders’ 10 Wort Web Pages That Suck in 2006
Here are just a couple that made me laugh: (category: domain name) (category: last century design)


sucky1.png (category: site most like a monty python skit) Watch the video below to see the site in action)
[youtube=] (overall winner, worst website of 2006) if you can tell me what is supposed to be going on here, you win the prize!


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