Washable Keyboards and Mice

I just came across a company called Unotron that makes keyboards and mice that you can actually wash with soap and water in the sink!  I never knew that such a thing was possible…why aren’t all keyboards washable?  It just makes sense.  I (like most people) eat and drink while using the computer and could probably scrape together enough food for a small tea party from the crevices of my keyboard.

washable keyboard

Unotron’s products are ergonomic, in the sense that they a solve problem created by daily interaction with keyboards and mice (grease, germs, dust, crumbs, spills).  Making computer peripherables durable and truly washable seems like a natural step. The downside I see to Unotron’s products is that they are pretty traditional in terms of shape and functionality.  A totally ergonomic keyboard and mouse would prevent repetitive stress injuries AND be washable.