Welcome to the Ergonomenon

I first became aware of ergonomics when I started translating after college. Before this, my aunt got carpal tunnel syndrome from typing all day in an office, but I thought that was just some dehabilitating thing that happened to old people. On the contrary, it is pretty easy to develop RSIs or RMIs (repetitve stress and motion injuries) because that is our lives are for the most part…repetitive motions.

As I started my first big translation project I was typing furiously for about 6 hours a day, my brain couldn’t handle more than that. It didn’t take me long to realize that my body was suffering as a result. I began to get pains in my wrists and forearms from typing and clicking. So I went out and bought the cheapest “ergonomic” mouse and keyboard I could, and kept on going.

When something is labeled ergonomic, it means that it was designed with human factors in mind. “How do our bodies move and work, and how will using this product make our bodies feel?” Unfortunately, as I now know, the ergonomic products you can buy at Staples or Walmart or OfficeMax are a little better than standard products, but they are basically the same and do not really solve the problem .

A lot of companies dedicate themselves to using ergonomics (the science of work) to revolutionarily redesign the things we use every day. Unfortunately, these products are so new and different, most people never see them and will never use them.

This blog will explore issues in ergonomics, conduct reviews of ergonomic products, and seek to raise awareness about the injuries we are sustaining as a result of poorly designed products and unsafe working conditions.