Why I Invented the Stand Up Desk Kit

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There I sat on a typical afternoon, at my desk, having come back from a lunch of burgers and fries; the software engineer’s diet.  A passer-by may have thought I was working, but in reality I was just panting and staring glossy eyed at my reflection in the monitor.  The sad part is, this was typical.

I had been thinking about making some healthy changes in my life.  Recently, I had been reading about the Paleo Diet, and was intrigued.  It contends that while humans have not evolved much over the last ten-thousand years, our world and habits have.  Our stone-age ancestors ran to catch their food, climbed to get their fruit, and swam to catch their fish.  Okay, maybe not that last part.  Nonetheless, I knew for sure that they did not spend entire chunks of their lives planted behind a desk.  The human body had simply not evolved for this.  My thought process around this had been amplified by reading numerous articles and studies around why sitting is just not meant for us.

Naturally, I looked for solutions to this problem.  I tried the exercise ball, and found myself hunching too much. I tried getting up and moving around every twenty minutes, and ended up forgetting.  So I searched the web for a standing desk.  What I found were some terrific products, such as an electric desk that can raise and lower with the push of a button.  The prohibitive factors there, however, were the cost and feasibility.  The least expensive option was still over $700, and where would I fit it in my office?  I wasn’t ready to part with my expensive sitting desk, and the facilities manager at my company had nowhere to store it.  Bummer.  The next best step was to put together a make-shift desk consisting of some trash cans and the middle-piece from another desk.  This was great, but not perfect.  I’m really insistent like that.

My buddy at work, Pace McCulloch, works in the office right next to me.  He is sharp as a tack and very entrepreneurial minded.  He, too, had done the search, but came up empty.  When he saw my implementation, he said, “You know, I think there are a lot of people that would like something like that.”  I agreed.  He replied, “alright, I’m going to go do it then,” turned heal, and walked out.  “Hey! We need to at least be partners!” I exclaimed, and the seeds for our invention were planted.

This is the Stand Up Desk Kit.

The Stand Up Desk Kit
Standing for 8 months now, and loving it.

I loooooooove it.  I have been standing at it for about eight months now, and I will never go back.  The difference between this setup and the other options is that it fits snugly on top of your existing desk, and it has enough surface area to fit my huge monitors, my laptop, keyboard, mouse, water bottle, and left arm on top.  It will be more affordable than the other options as well, especially when you take into account that you don’t need to discard your current desk.  I recently read an article about how you can assemble a desk of your own with some Ikea parts, which is very cool, but it’s just not the same quality.  This is the option for those who take their health and office Feng Shui seriously.

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