Workers Comp Attorney

How to Find a Workers Comp Attorney

Injury at work law – workers’ compensation – is in place to provide protection for workers in the case of workplace related injury or illness, and to prevent and resolve disputes between employees and employers. In some cases a workers’ comp claim can be resolved without getting attorneys involved, in other cases it is necessary to find a good workers comp attorney in order to get your rightful benefits.

Finding a qualified workers comp attorney is critical to ensure that your employer does not cheat you out of receiving compensation in the form of medical benefits, paid time off, and any other benefits you are eligible for. After seeking medical attention, taking proper records of the incident, and filling out workers’ comp claims for your state, the next step is to take your time to research and find a workers comp attorney in the event of a dispute.

Workers Comp Attorney

Research Workers Comp Attorneys

The first step is to get a list of workers comp attorneys in your state.
Ask your state’s bar association for a list of workers comp lawyers. The association may have an online directory you can search at no charge, or simply search the Internet for workers comp attorneys in your state. If you are an injured employee, exclude attorneys that specialize in representing employers, you want workers comp attorneys that represent employees.

To narrow down the search, make sure the attorney specializes in your specific injury. Some workers comp attorneys specialize in injuries related to construction work accidents, some specialize in injuries from heavy lifting work like lower back pain, others may focus on injuries that affect office workers such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries. Or you may have an illness as a result of being exposed to certain chemicals at your workplace, so make sure that the workers comp attorney has a history of success with clients that have your specific injury. What are their success rates? Check their licensing, credentials, education, awards and professional memberships as well.

Meet With Potential Workers Comp Attorneys

After you narrow your list through telephone calls, meet with the remaining candidates for face-to-face consultations. Worker’s compensation disputes can be complicated and drawn out, so you want to be sure that you feel comfortable working with the attorney. Assess the lawyer’s listening skills, and ask what services the firm can provide you throughout the process. Directly ask why you should hire him or her as your workers’ comp attorney, as this will give you a better feel for the attorney’s confidence level regarding your case.

Do your research, and take your time. Finding the right workers comp attorney will be well worth it in increasing your chances of winning your case and receiving the most compensation benefits.