Michael Moore, CNN, Facts & Sicko(s)

I was thinking about what occurred here. And as usual, Michael Moore is going straight for the jugular! I happen to agree with him what he’s saying. Since the topic of ergonomics is directly related to health care, I thought … Continue reading

Ergonomics is all about equipment

I’m not putting that title down lightly. Check this study out. EXEC Summary: proper ergonomic training is not enough to gain significant improvements in employee standards of working or general productivity. Now check this article. EXEC Summary: posture affects productivity … Continue reading

Sorry we’ve been absent!

Dear readers, Please don’t fret; more ergonomic posts are to come.  Adria and I have been slammed w/ our day jobs (I know!  Isn’t it a shame when we have to work???) We’ve been doing a bit of research and … Continue reading

Skype Mouse: Does it Make Sense?

I commented in my last post that many of the highly lauded features of the iPhone don’t’ really make any practical sense. In this post, I’d like to explore that a bit more because it seems like a lot of … Continue reading

Apple iPhone: Usable…Is it?

After watching David Pogue’s review of the iPhone–it does pay to be a famous gadget reviewer because you’re always getting the latest and greatest well before it hits market–I realized that I’m just not sure how great of an innovation … Continue reading