The Best Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Racks of 2021

For the gym rats left bereft by the gyms shutting down during the pandemic and with New Year’s resolutions that need to be honored, at-home gym setups are the only reliable, steady means of having a consistent workout regimen unaffected by the crazy world we live in today. Heavy lifting and bodybuilding have been fonts of physical human fitness and strength since the 19th century, when a German by the name of Eugen Sandow would display his body and rippling muscles for audiences.

While innovative technology is constantly introducing more and better equipment to the list of high tech machinery that improve and sculpt the human body to perfection. The squat rack has long been a key player and indispensable piece of equipment in any home gym or exercising setup. The bare minimum for any squat rack is that it has a stable structure that can support weight, and J hooks to rack the barbell, as well as hole spacing preferably in small increments so that the height can be adjusted according to different users and exercises. The more versatile the squat rack, the more useful it is for exercising different muscle groups.

Most people can recognize the benefits of an at-home gym, but not everyone has the floor space for a power rack or squat rack, ruling out many of the more advanced and varied exercise setups. Even folks who have wide-open garage spaces face the issue of having to relocate the car if they want to turn the garage into an exercise playground, as well as having to explain to their significant other why the car is parked outside the garage – directly under the tree.

Here we’ll research the various wall-mounted squat racks, which combine the stability of a power rack with the classic structure of a squat rack, all while minimizing the footprint and dedicated floor space. In this article, we’ll discuss the criteria necessary to make a well-informed decision and the top five folding squat racks available on the market today.

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What Should I Look For When Buying a Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Rack?

A foldable squat rack needs to be stable, have a high weight capacity, and take up minimal space. In addition to these chief details, there are a few criteria it’s very important to consider when trying to decide on your ideal foldable squat rack. These criteria are cost, function, appearance, warranty, and ratings.

#1. Cost: The cost of the product is consistently important. It is often one of the more important considerations of any purchase. Regardless of how much we want it or how much we’re willing to spend, an item will be within or out of our reach based on the price. While the other considerations are a way for us to vet the product, the cost is how a product vets consumers.

#2. Function: Each customer is going to need something different. Some will prioritize a small setup if they live in cramped apartment environments. Others will want just the opposite, hoping for a larger, more comfortable exercising framework. Some will need a rack that can support more weight, while others will just want to get toned and fit. All these considerations weigh into what kind of squat rack is best for you, and so we’ll be diving into the function and perks of each model at length.

#3. Appearance: The purpose of a foldable squat rack is that it be relatively nondescript, however, there is still something important about the look and feel of the structure. A cheap-looking framework with garish colors just serves to make exercising a tactually upsetting experience, similar to looking at something ugly or feeling an unpleasant texture.

#4. Warranty: No matter the quality, there are always instances where a product does not meet the standard due to manufacturing issues. During these times it is the responsible, conscientious company that offers resources and support to keep their clientele happy. While the warranty isn’t necessarily what makes or breaks a decisive purchase, it is always important to be aware of your rights and assets.

#5. Ratings: Finally, the ratings help give us a clear picture of how the product functions in the real world, not just in the sterile testing environments. Things like the state of arrival, if the directions are clear, if the pieces look and feel good up close, how the setup lasts long term – these are questions that only fellow consumers can answer, and we will treat them as the valuable resource of information they are.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Rack

In the search for ideal space-saving foldable squat racks, I found that the truly high-quality folding racks were generally wall-mounted, as this provides the necessary support otherwise more difficult to obtain in a piece of exercise equipment designed to be compactable and semi-collapsible. Wall-mounted folding provides the necessary dual function of safe stability and collapsibility, so it is these designs that stood out during the narrowing down and elimination process.

I compared the cost, specs like weight capacity, material, and westside hole spacing, as well as any additional add-ons like pull up bars and spotter arms. Additionally, I read through the company’s warranties and thoroughly scanned the reviews so that I could have a clear picture of how the squat racks performed in the real world. Below, the featured 5 foldable squat racks are organized not from best to worst, but to highlight different assets best provided by each rig.

#1: Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The Rogue Foldable Wall Mounted Rack is a sturdy 11 gauge steel beast in the exercise framework field. Available in many different customizable colors, the Rogue looks good and performs even better. A USA based manufacturing business, the Rogue comes with spotter arms measuring either 21 or 41 inches, so each buyer has the option of going for a larger or smaller rack.

The Rogue is actually a very efficient foldable power rack and comes with Monster Lite J hooks so that you can begin using it right away with your barbell and work on those sets. With a horizontal fold protruding 5 inches from the wall when collapsed completely, the Rogue neatly folds, achieving that perfect balance between mass and stability and collapsible potential.

Not only does the Rogue look good and feel great, but it’s also very convenient. It easily incorporates add ons such as the pull-up bar and dips station, in addition to the standard barbell placement. This is a great start to a versatile garage gym, as the Rogue is large enough to accommodate a full gym set-up and easy to take apart when you’re done. As power racks go, this laser-cut, heavy-duty frame meets all of your heavy lifting goals.

Depending on which size you order, the price jumps noticeably but realistically, and the overall price is one that makes sense for the quality but won’t break the bank. This is an all-around great rack, and as you’re considering the price, it’s important to remember that skimping on the cost for this purchase is a bit of a safety hazard.  Mid bench press is not a great time for support beams to buckle or J hooks to snap off.

The company advises that, before mounting your power rack, you should check the wall to make sure it can hold the weight. Included in the initial purchase are mounting brackets, detent pins, a quick-attach pull-up bar, hitch-pins, and protective plastic floor caps. The stringer is not included but can be added into the purchase, completing the look for a nice, 11 gauge, steel, streamlined, and efficient setup.

Rogue protects your purchase with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and welds, as well as 5 years for the integral parts, and 3 months for the superficial grips and upholstery. Depending on how you care for your setup, the aesthetics are going to be better or worse preserved, but Rogue guarantees long term, satisfying performance from its product.

The reviewers had the final say, and the Rogue got amazing ratings, with specific comments on the high performance, sturdiness, ergonomic savviness, and general convenience supplied in being able to adjust or add things based on personal preference. Additionally, consumers said that unless hoping to do acrobatics on this power rack, the 41 inch was unnecessary, and the 21 was more than enough for squats, kipping, lifts, and any other function.

A great fold away addition to any home gym, the Rogue offers the best all-around quality for a reasonable price and is the perfect rack on the market for you and your folks.

#2: Mammoth Lite Wall Mounted Folding Rack (Best Rack)

Bulldog’s Mammoth Lite Wall Mounted Rack is powder-coated in a deep, pure black that improves grip and comes in two height sizes, 7 or 8 feet. 2 feet deep and over 4 feet wide, the Mammoth provides plenty of space for working out just the way you like. Ideal for at-home space, whether you’re setting up in the garage or some other room in the house, the Mammoth is very sturdy, and when necessary easily folds inward for a smooth, unobtrusive presence in the room.

Laser-cut upright beams made of Tata British steel (the same steel used in construction, automobiles, and aerospace), the Mammoth Lite when properly mounted provides incredible stability and power, making your exercise stress and pain-free. While heavy and extremely durable, the Mammoth takes care to spare your floors, coming with thick plastic floor protector feet, so that while setting up or disassembling, you can be sure the Mammoth will cause minimal wear and tear on your platform and have no negative impact on the value of your house. Arriving with two included J-cups, the Mammoth is ready to be used directly after assembly, and with its impressive frame, looks darn good too.

An important characteristic of any good machine, the squat rack function of the Mammoth Lite can easily be expanded upon by adding a pull-up bar or side dip bars, making this a perfect way to begin that at home gym you’ve been craving since circumstances ruined all your workout plans.

Based in Britain, the Bulldog Gear Factory has a great user interface and is convenient to contact – not exposing you to long wait times and unintelligible discussions. A considerable price-hike from the Rogue, the Mammoth is still remarkably affordable when it comes to high-quality exercise equipment. For the person emphasizing his workouts and able to shell out a little more because of it, this is an ideal buy.

A few key notes on the Mammoth. While a great squat rack and a really great piece of equipment, made from high-grade steel so extremely strong a durable, the Mammoth Lite does not include a mounting rack so one must be purchased separately, and Bulldog does not guarantee any products purchased from a third party. Additionally, the company strongly recommends that the location of the Mammoth be checked by a professional, to ensure that the intended wall set-up is suitable for supporting the kind of weight necessary for the folding rack structure.

The Mammoth scored amazingly well amongst customers, with people saying that this set-up was so much more stable than other folding racks they had purchased from other companies that were either comparable in price or more expensive. Others mentioned that the setup worked super well and worked nicely, as well as was easy to fold up so as not to take up space in the garage, allowing the space to accommodate both without one making the other an impossibility.

The only complaints the Mammoth received were that the instruction manual was unclear, but that assembly was self-explanatory. A mom also mentioned that the Mammoth was delivered at the bottom of her driveway and that it is not light. However, on the whole, consumers were extremely enthusiastic and said that due to the quality, they wished they’d purchased all of their exercise equipment from Bulldog.

For the person who can afford to spend slightly more on a truly space-saving folding rack that will hold massive weights, this is the perfect purchase for you.

#3: REP Fitness PR-4100 Folding Wall Mount Squat & Power Rack (Best for Indoor Spaces)

The REP Fitness PR-4100 has a different take on the folding rack aesthetic. While the Rogue and the Profile are all black steel, the REP Fitness combines wood and steel for a rustic-meets-modern look, aesthetically more attractive and warm than simple cold steel. While this might be unnecessary if set up in a garage gym, for people who don’t have a garage this might be just the compromise you’re searching for when aesthetic meets function.

REP Fitness is another horizontal fold design, and like the Rogue, is available in two sizes – either 21.5 inches or 41 inches – and protrudes 6.5 inches from the wall. Depending on which size you purchase, the fold is either inward or outward, and the width is 48.5 inches – plenty of space for working out comfortably.

11 gauge steel (3×3) and 92 inch tall upright support beams, the tall guys out there can feel very comfortable with this exercise equipment. The company does recommend all 41 inches for those who intend to do kipping pull-ups or otherwise are engaged in CrossFit, as that exercise regimen generally calls for a fuller range of motion.

Additionally, the REP fine tunes your exercise experience with 1 inch hole spacing in the bench area, so that your workout can be as perfectly exact as possible, and 2 inch hole spacing for everywhere else, allowing you to adjust the height of the included pull up bar and J-cups according to your preference.

None of these models are super expensive, but the REP is a bit cheaper than the Rogue, so this could be a slight compromise for those wanting the benefits of the Rogue for a price drop. The wood stringer is an addition to the price but well worth it for the support and look it brings to the whole framework. For those uninterested in the stringer, the REP Fitness can be anchored directly into the concrete.

REP Fitness is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which means that any issues to do with manufacturing will be covered by the company, but wear and tear as well as negligent ownership will not be reimbursed. So be honest – are you a responsible owner? If so, this warranty will work just fine for you.

Customers reported that the REP was great for kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups, with no unsteady feeling or wobble, and that the only small complaint with the REP Fitness was that the assembly instructions could have been more explicit. However, the exercise set-up itself was great and everything they needed. Additionally, reviewers mentioned that they had owned the exercise set-up for a couple of years before leaving a review, so that their feedback was based on long term experience with the REP Fitness.

For anyone looking for a rustic, more aesthetic exercise framework with great performance and affordable pricing, this is your dream buy.

#4: ETHOS Folding Wall Rack (Best Low Cost)

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The ETHOS has the longest spotter arms of any of these models, measuring in at 49.5 inches, so anyone looking for an experience resembling the power racks will be most satisfied with this model. With a standard horizontal fold, the ETHOS breaks away from the norm by sporting a daring shade of red with black accents, joining function with a cool, bold look, sure to impress.

Like the other designs discussed thus far, the ETHOS is constructed from 11 gauge 3×3 steel and functions as a squat rack and pull-up bar, and it can be used in unison with a bench for some bench press action.

The ETHOS Folding Wall Mounted Rack has 1 inch hole spacing and J hooks included for immediate use upon assembly. This is another tall exercise set-up, measuring 92″ inches. Unless you’re almost 8 feet tall, the ETHOS is more than equipped to service your needs, regardless of what they are, including kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups, and more.

With no compromise in quality, the ETHOS is the most affordable rack on the market and has a unique, no-contact-with-floor style, designed to float about an inch off the floor, to avoid scratching up the sensitive flooring.

ETHOS offers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, protecting you from any manufacturing mess-ups.

The ratings were very good. One user said that he was pleasantly surprised, having assumed he would make some sort of sacrifice in quality because of the pricing, and finding that everything was welded properly, the material was good and well coated with paint, the laser cut holes smooth with no sharp edges, and generally, the whole frame was well designed and executed.

While possibly not as sturdy a setup as the Profile, for anyone looking for a budget option and standard support, this is a great alternative.

#5: VALOR FITNESS BD-20 Folding Wall Mount Squat Rack (Easiest Adjustment for Multiple Users)

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Valor Fitness BD-20 is a model after the style of the Mammoth Lite, but with a few essential differences. The black, laser cut 11 steel frame looks good with its solid structure and horizontal fold so that whether in use or out of it, the Valor is an efficient space saver. The frame is held in place by four easy to use pins, so that while under pressure the rack locks in and supports up to 750 lbs., more than enough for anyone who isn’t Hercules.

The Valor, like most of these set-ups, can easily accommodate other equipment. With its rubber caps shielding the floor from the sliding uprights, your home is safe and your workout is further stabilized. The J-hooks are included, as well as the wall-mount brackets and the pull-up bar, making the only downside to the Valor that you’ll stop ever wanting to go the gym. Reaching up to almost 8 feet and with a wide positioning range for both the pull-up bar and J-hooks, the Valor supports athletes of all sizes and is great for multiple users.

The main differences between the Valor Fitness and the Mammoth Lite come down to weight capacity, sizing, and price. The Valor holds up to 750 lbs. which is a little lower than the Mammoth, and the Mammoth provides a little more space from wall to rack in order to comfortably exercise. However, these downsides are balanced by the Valor being considerably cheaper than the Mammoth, making it a viable option for anyone looking for the look and feel of the Mammoth but for a fraction of the cost.

Valor Fitness offers a 3 year warranty on the frame and 1 year for additional hardware, meaning that your purchase is protected by the company and that the benefit of the product is guaranteed well after it has paid itself off. Additionally, Valor Fitness has a user-friendly return policy and promises to cover all return costs if the purchase is irredeemably damaged. Otherwise, an unharmed product can still be returned as long as the customer is willing to cover the shipping costs.

Overall, the Valor is a great folding squat rack and an excellent addition to anyone’s at-home gym and daily exercise routine. With its stability, modern look, low price, and good warranty, the only drawback to the Valor Fitness BD-20 is the missing reviews on this specific product.

The product has received few reviews, however, Valor Fitness is a reputable company and of the few reviews that were published and available online, buyers were very happy and found this to be a great squat rack. For anyone looking for a nice rack that they can count on, this is a great rack for you.

Budget Options

Budgeting is always tempting and often a wise move, especially when so many intriguing purchases are so readily accessible to us. At the click of a button, you can spend your paycheck in a matter of minutes. In your daily life, it is always preferable to look for a cheaper, more cost effective use of your money. However, there is a fine line between being thrifty, and not spending enough to get a good product.

Sometimes spending in a miserly way just means that you don’t get good quality for your money, because you were unwilling to spend more, either necessitating additional expense so that you can get the use you originally intended from your purchase, or you spend more to buy a better version of what you already bought. Both of these outcomes are very frustrating, and it is preferable to spend a little more initially to buy something worth your money the first time.

When it comes to fitness equipment, it can be dangerous to get cheap products, since when dealing with heavy-duty equipment, failure can mean serious injury. However, it is impossible to deny that as much as we wish it, sometimes things are out of our price range, so finding cheaper more affordable options is necessary.

Below I’ve found three products that, while not completely filling the niche of a foldable squat rack, are good quality, worthwhile purchases, and will have a significant positive impact on your workouts and exercise. A folding squat rack is not the only way to work out and get in shape, so these options are worthwhile considerations for anyone searching for a cheap, affordable way of working out from home.

#1. Fitness Reality Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack Squat Stand (Under $250)

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The Fitness Reality store is located in the USA and offers a great, multi-functional squat rack that can support up to 800 lbs. and comes with an included pull up bar.  The Fitness can be adjusted to 78 or 81 inches in height, accounting for some people being more vertically blessed than others.

While this version cannot fold and so takes up a little more space than a folding squat rack, as these set-ups go, it provides lots of versatility and doesn’t take up that much space. So, if the folding versions are out of your price range, this is a great alternative.

With 18 hole placements distanced 1 inch apart for the ideal barbell height and add-on capabilities for a whole range of different exercises like resistance bands or a push-up bar, the Fitness Reality is a great budgeting at-home fitness option for anyone with a little extra space.

Grey steel and relatively compact, the Fitness can be paired with a bench press for an ideal garage gym workout. For anyone that can’t afford a collapsible, larger squat rack or power rack setup, the Fitness Reality is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

#2. Sportneer Ankle and Wrist Weights (Under $100)

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Available in 3 colors – black, orange, and blue – the Sportneer Ankle and Wrist Weights are a cool, inexpensive way to amp up any workout, especially when your workouts are confined indoors. Each purchase comes with a set of two weights that range from 2 to 6.5 pounds each and can be adjusted during your workout to be heavier or lighter.

If coupled with strength exercises like jumping rope, pushups, lunges, and many other exercises that can be done in a confined space, these weights bump your exercise regimen up to the next level, helping you get and stay toned even during winter hibernation and strict lockdown policies.

Buyers said these were high-quality weights, with reliable Velcro that wouldn’t let the weights slip and slide during the workout. Obviously not a squat rack, these are a small, cheap alternative to a much larger, more costly purchase and are worth looking into for the person trying to amp up their workouts but not drill into their apartment wall.

#3. Power Up Pull Up Bar (Under $50)

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Iron Age’s Power Up Pull Up Bar is great for tight spaces and saving major cash. While not providing all the functionality of a squat rack, a pull-up bar is still a nice way of working your muscles and getting a readily accessible workout for your upper body.

Black with some minor red accents, the Power Pull Up Bar hooks into your door frame and provides both wide shoulder and close grip foam grips, targeting different grips and shoulder muscles. As a bonus, the bar comes with two power ropes and a small hook at the top-center, so that in addition to pull-ups, you can experiment with all different types of exercise and movements, targeting the rest of the body in addition to the arms, shoulders, and chest.

While not providing the same function as a squat rack, this small pull-up bar offers a lot of exercise possibilities and should not be overlooked by the truly committed budgeter. With great customer ratings, the Power Up Pull Up Bar is an excellent purchase for someone who can’t afford to satisfy his squat rack fantasies quite yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foldable Squat Rack Definitely Right for Me?

Folding squat racks are generally used in weight and lifting exercises, interchangeable with how gym rats do it in their natural habitat. The main determining factor for whether you should even be considering buying a squat rack is whether or not you naturally enjoy the gym and other weight-based exercises. If you don’t, this is likely not a good purchase for you, despite your wish to stay toned during winter and virus season. Additionally, different forms of exercise are not interchangeable – runners are not going to preserve their musculature and be ready for summer if they have been lifting during the winter.

These two groups aside, for people who are serious about starting to lift or are experienced lifters already, the squat rack is an old friend and not one likely to gather dust after being unpacked and assembled. In this case, the foldable squat rack makes logical sense but might cause logistical issues. Even with the advantage of taking up much less space than a classic squat rack, the foldable squat rack still requires a certain amount of wall space that not everyone has. Also, renters might encounter liability issues with drilling and installing a heavy-duty piece of equipment like a squat rack into their rented space.

A foldable squat rack is really only applicable for homeowners or long term residents of their living space, as only in these cases will someone be able to reap the benefits of a steady, stable, collapsible structure like a foldable squat rack. For a homeowner who lifts, having his or her own squat rack is a great idea and the only one that can effectively guarantee a constant source of intensive sculpting and toning, as well as a great way to blow of steam.

As most squat racks can accommodate pull-up bars and other attachments, the versatility of such a basic set-up cannot be denied, and even in non-virus times, for someone really dedicated to lifting in his daily life, this is a great way to cut down on the costs of expensive living – God knows gym memberships do not come cheap.

If you are used to another form of exercise and are frantically looking for some way of exercising through lockdowns, the squat rack is not necessarily the best choice for you. However, if you enjoy a consistent lifting regimen and are searching for a way to incorporate that more conveniently into your daily life, and you have the space for it, a folding wall mounted squat rack is perfect for you.

Does It Make Sense To DIY a Squat Rack?

As an alternative to buying an already assembled and constructed folding squat rack, creative minds around the world have come up with independent ways of building a squat rack. DIY folding squat racks were definitely an interesting find to stumble across and one that is worth checking out, even if you’re confident that you’d prefer to buy a pre-assembled, steel, online purchase. If you’re handy with a screwdriver, the design of a foldable squat rack isn’t that complex. It’s essentially the uprights, a cross beam to keep them in place during a workout, and hinges to allow the beams to swing flat against the wall.

Pictures online are available showing how other thrifty DIYers have constructed their own at-home folding squat racks out of wood and metal connectors. While it’s very likely that these designs can support less weight than their 11 gauge steel cousins, for someone that is toning instead of really jacking up, this is a very cool and useful idea, especially when you’re looking into cheaper ways of reaping the benefits of an at-home workout framework.

The materials seem relatively straightforward, and as long as the sanding is done well, there’s no reason that for those craft-inclined, this couldn’t be a solid, functional alternative to making a more expensive purchase.

Verdict: Your Best Folding Wall-Mounted Squat Rack 

Choosing an at-home folding squat rack is a serious business and nothing to sneeze at, however, through clarifying your priorities, it’s much easier to decide what’s relevant to you.

If you’re looking for an all-round excellent squat rack that looks great and has lots of add on potential, then go for the Rogue Wall Mounted Rack, which takes up minimal space and can support all the weight necessary for you to get in tip-top shape.

If your floor space is tight, then go for the Mammoth, guaranteed to give you great performance, and take up no space while doing it, all while giving you complete stability.

Finally, if you don’t have garage space and are hoping for an in-home gym that you can live with and looks nice, go with the REP Fitness, with its wood and steel design, perfect for its urban rustic blend and still fully capable of making you break a sweat while not taking up too much floor space.

I hope this article has narrowed down your search for you, and may we all stick to our New Years’ resolution fitness goals.  Have a great year!

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